Vegan Lunch Box Ideas For Kids

September 25, 2019
Vegan Kids


Not all schools are happy to provide kids with complete vegan lunches. Often it is easier to prepare a lunch box at home instead. That does not mean the lunch has to differ that much from other kids lunches. Don’t forget that peanut butter sandwiches are vegan! Not only that, but peanut butter is packed with protein and calcium without the addition of harmful fats and cholesterol.

Weekly Vegan Lunch Box Schedule

Monday’s Plant Based Lunch Box

Monday can be the day your little one needs the most encouragement to get out of bed and go to school. Making Monday’s lunchbox especially appetizing is a good idea, and you can add some really exciting things. Vegan cheese is great for adding to lunch boxes for hungry kids. You can make your own vegan cheese, or buy vegan cheese ready to eat. Add some homegrown vegetables to the sandwich, homemade vegetable chips, and freshly squeezed juice, and your Monday lunch box is bound to be hit.

Tuesday’s Lunch Box

Making your own wraps is quick and easy. Wraps tend to taste better when made the night before, and you can add some really exciting ingredients to wraps. Don’t be afraid of giving your kid spicy food providing he or she used it. Homemade enchilada is easy to make, and you can make as hot or as cool as you like. Put a homemade cooking in the lunch and your lunch box will be truly appreciated.

Wednesday’s Lunch Box

Pizza is always popular with kids. Some parents think pizza is not good for their kids, but pizza can be made very healthy. Once again, you get the chance to add things like vegetarian cheese and tailor make your pizza with all of the things your little one likes. If they are mad on mushrooms, you can play around with different mushroom pizza recipes.

Thursday’s Lunch Box

You can never go wrong with a pie. A pie for a lunch box does not have to be sweet, and it does not need to look traditional either. Experiment with all different sizes and looks, and you will soon across the perfect pie for your family. Pies are easy to eat, and if it is a cold day, the pie can always be heated up. It is the perfect meal for a transitioning family to a plant based diet, and will go along way. Make it the day before, and it will not take you long to get ready when you are in a hurry in the morning.

Friday’s Plant Based Lunch Box

Friday is the best way to add any left over to the lunch box, and make sure that your fridge is cleared out. It does not matter what you say, kids really love things like pasta salad, and making a pasta salad with leftovers is a simple way to use up any leftovers. Home made pasta salad sauces are easy to make, and taste great. Make them in the right kind of way, and they will keep all week in the fridge. Ideal for anything from a salad dressing to adding to new potatoes.

Should I Let My Kids Pack Their Own Lunch Boxes?

As children get older there is no reason why you should not let them pack their own lunch boxes. Plant based kids are often more aware what needs to go in a lunch box to make it healthy than other kids.  Many of them even enjoy sharing their kid friendly based recipes ideas.

Exploring The Wonderful World of Kid Friendly Plant Based Recipes

Of course, it is not only lunches which are important. Breakfast is perhaps the most important meal of the day. Plant based baby food recipes for early mornings are easy and quick to prepare. You can use a variety of grains, and fruits which are easy to mash as bananas. Prunes can be chopped up and added to the mixture. They are packed with vitamin B and will do your baby’s tummy a lot of good. Plant based babies tend to have more energy than other babies, so it important to fed them the right plant based friendly bedtime snack.

Kids Love Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes may be a little bit more expensive than ordinary potatoes, but kids love them. They have a lower glycemic index than white potatoes and are therefore better for you.   Adding sweet potatoes to kid friendly plant based recipes is not difficult at all. Even your kids’ friends who may not be plant based would enjoy a serving of sweet potatoes fries with a Salsa Bravo sauce.

Easy Ways to Add Sweet Potatoes to Your Plant Based Kids Diet

Don’t forget that sweet potatoes cook faster than white potatoes so you need to make sure you don’t overcook them. Excess heat destroys the beta-carotene in sweet potatoes

Steaming is a great way of making sweet potato mash. It only takes 20 minutes in a steamer, and you lose fewer nutrients than traditionally boiled sweet potato mash.

Roasting – roasting sweet potatoes is also fast and easy. As part of kid friendly plant based recipes, you may want to consider sprinkling them with vegan parmesan cheese, or you can add pine nuts.

Baking them in the oven is a great idea. It really brings out the flavor, and you can then add vegetarian chili or casseroles to the potato.

Slices them up and slow roasting them in the oven is another idea you could try. This way they make a great addition to a healthy lunch.

Kid Friendly Plant Dinners & Snacks

After a long day in school, your kids are almost certainly hungry. Don’t try to take charge of the entire dinner. Let them help and make sure they are involved as in their easy plant based vegan school lunches. Most vegan dinners are easy to prepare, and they can always do any homework while the dinner is cooking

Kids love snacks, and when they come home from school, they are probably ready for a snack. Buying snack foods is often expensive, and it could be a better idea to make your own. Show them how they can dry fruit and vegetables and even turn them into chips.

Baking bread is something else kids love. You can always prepare the dough when they are in school, and after they come home, they can roll out the bread and make their own creations.

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