Does a vegan diet improve your skin?

April 9, 2019
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Do you suffer from skin problems such as acne and cellulite? Do you know that your skin is your largest organ? Yes, that is right. Your skin is actually an organ and is just as important to your well-being as your other major organs such as heart, liver, and kidneys. However, most of us ignore our skin health or are poorly aware of the importance of looking our skin. Many factors affect the quality of our skin, and when you would like to improve your skin quality, you need to make some lifestyle changes. Can changing your diet help to improve your skin quality? It certainly can, but you need to do other things to improve your skin quality as well.  As a matter of fact, a vegan diet for healthy skin is both easy to follow and will help to improve your health in a variety of ways.  There are no disadvantages of a plant based diet when it comes to looking after your skin.

Top Tips to Improve Your Skin Quality:

A brief insight into what we are going to be talking about in this article.

  1. Plant based diet and skin
  2. How to get rid of cellulite with a plant based diet
  3. Your plant based skin care routine
  4. Make the right lifestyle choices
  5. Best supplements for glowing vegan skin
  6. Hydration and a plant-based diet: Does a vegan diet improve your skin quality by improving hydration?
  7. Best Fruits and Vegetables for a plant-based diet
  8. Oats and better skin quality
  9. Vegan Diet Skin Aging Tips and Questions

Plant Based Diet and Skin

How can a plant based diet improve your skin quality? When you eat a diet which is heavily meat-based, you may find your skin quality is not what you want it to be. For instance, you may find that you suffer more from wrinkles and poor skin elasticity. Why is that? There is not only one answer to that question.

Meat-based diets are often packed with meat from animals which may have been fed hormones as part of their diet. You probably don’t think those hormones affect you, but the truth is that they do. Hormones found in meat have the ability to change the way your endocrine system functions, and this leads to changes in skin quality. Acne is a common skin problem when you eat a diet which relies heavily on meat.

Hydration is important when it comes to skin quality. Meat does not contain a lot of water, so when you eat a meat based diet, you may not get all of the water you need to keep your skin well moisturized from inside out. The result is wrinkles, poor circulation, and problems with skin elasticity.

How to Get Rid of Cellulite with a Plant Based Diet

Does being vegan get rid of cellulite? Yes, you can get rid of cellulite when you eat a plant based diet. But, it is not all about cutting down on fat in your diet. Most people presume you need to lower your fat intake to stop cellulite from forming. It is part of the answer, but it is far from the entire answer. If you would like to reduce your cellulite, improving circulation and skin elasticity are both more important than reducing your fat. However, when you enjoy a plant-based diet, you eat healthier fats in the first place, and this can help to further reduce your cellulite.

Does eating raw food get rid of cellulite? You don’t need to go to the extreme of eating a raw food diet. A plant based diet is a natural cellulite detox diet. Many of the spices in your plant based diet will help you to both detox naturally and increase circulation to the upper layers of your skin to reduce cellulite.  Still, there are those who think a raw vegan cellulite diet has helped to reduce cellulite fast.

Do you get rid of cellulite while vegan? You can probably get rid of cellulite faster while vegan as you are eating foods which are richer in micro-minerals which improve the look of your skin.  In fact, you may even want to try a vegan cellulite cream.  Turmeric paste for cellulite is just one of the options, but it is a good idea to check out some of the alternatives. There is no actual proof to say that turmeric eliminates cellulite on its own. However, in combination with other treatments, it may help to increase circulation.  Do vegans have more cellulite? No, vegans do not have more cellulite.

Your Plant Based Skin Care Routine

The plant based diet community often talk about “vegan glowing skin”. It is true that most vegans have good skin quality and a lot of that is down to improved circulation in the uppers layers of the skin. Vegans achieve glowing skin in two ways – they eat foods which help them to improve their circulation and use the right skincare products. Foods which are rich in beta-carotene will help to improve your skin quality in no time at all, and there is a clear link between a plant based diet and clear skin.

Are plant based skin care products expensive? Not all plant based skin care products are expensive. In fact, there are many manufacturers out there which produce plant based skin care products which are not expensive at all. Affordable skin care brands can be found online and delivered directly to your home. Products containing natural herbs like marigold (calendula) can really help to improve your skin quality.

Skincare brands such as Yves Rocher and Weleda have a huge range of skincare, and cosmetics, which are plant based, cruelty-free and also free from chemicals. They are manufactured to high standards, and as you are buying your products directly from a manufacturer, any products you buy are good value for money. Yves Rocher offers a range of skincare products which are not more expensive than mainstream products at all, but you will find products from Weleda are a little bit more expensive.

When you are serious about improving your skin quality or getting rid of your cellulite, it is a good idea to take a look at your lifestyle. We do many things every day which are hazardous to our skin. Today, we spend too much time indoors and that is not good for your skin. Your skin is reliant on oxygen and sunlight as both nutrients and antioxidants. Most people today are not getting enough of a daily “fix” of fresh air and sunshine to help to combat the harmful effects of spending long hours inside.

There are some easy lifestyle choices you can make to improve your skin quality.

  1. Spend less time inside and don’t use foundations creams which will only stop vital oxidant getting to your skin.
  2. Stop smoking to improve circulation in all the layers of your skin
  3. Avoid pollution if you can. Diesel fumes have the potential to seriously damage your skin
  4. Don’t use sunbeds. Although sunbeds and tanning beds are popular, they are not safe at all and can cause a range of skin health problems including wrinkles. A better alternative would be natural spray tan treatments.
  5. Avoid soaps and other skin products which are packed parabens.

Best Supplements for Vegan Glowing Skin

What are the best supplements for a vegan and plant based diet? Most supplements for plant-based diet and skin can easily be found online. Taking supplements may concern a lot of people, but the truth is that we need all of the support we can get when we would like to improve skin quality and get rid of cellulite. Plant based supplements have very few side effects and providing you buy your supplements, from a quality manufacturer, you will achieve the results you want.

Gingko Biloba – This is perhaps one of the best-known supplements in the world but seldom used for skin care. However, Gingko Biloba can do wonders for your skin by improving microcirculation. In fact, Ginkgo Biloba is an ancient Chinese herbal remedy which has been used for thousands of years in China as a remedy to treat anything from arthritis to cardiovascular disease. Up until recently, scientists had not been able to prove how Gingko Biloba works. Now they know that Gingko Biloba works by stimulating microcirculation in all parts of the body and not only in the upper layers of the skin.

Flaxseed Oil – Flaxseed has been a popular part of modern “supplement myth” for about 20 years. It has been claimed that it contains an omega 3 oil which the body converts to the same omega 3 oil which can be found in fish oil. This is not true.  Our bodies can’t manufacture any essential oils nor can it convert them. The abbreviated name for the oil is ALA but it does not function in the same way as Omega 3. Instead, it adds moisture content to the skin and improves circulation the back of the back of the eye. However, instead of taken flaxseed oil as a supplement, you would be better off adding the seeds to your diet, or using the cold pressed oil on your salad. The properties of the oil are destroyed if you try to cook with it.

Probiotics – Our knowledge of probiotics have come along way in recent years. We have learned a lot about probiotics, and we now realize that there are probiotics which have certain “tasks”. There are even probiotics which can help us to improve skin health. They work together with other probiotics which have other duties to keep our skin healthy. Specific skin probiotics include the bacterium species of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. If you are looking for a vegan diet acne cure, it is essential that you take a probiotic supplement containing members of both species.

Hydration and a Plant based Diet and Skin: Does a vegan diet improve your skin quality by improving hydration?

Do you need to drink a lot of water when you are on a plant-based diet? Hydration is not such a problem if you are following a plant based A vegan diet and skin elasticity go hand in hand simply because fruit and vegetables are packed with H20 and you don’t need to drink as much water. But hang on a moment, it gets better.

As the water based liquid in fruits, plants, and vegetables contain essential vitamins such as vitamin B, hard to obtain micro minerals and antioxidants, it will help to further improve your skin quality. Antioxidants such as anthocyanidin which can be found in blueberries will help both moisturize your skin and chase away free radicals. Another berry which can seriously improve your skin health is the avocado. Yes, avocados are berries and not fruit. Not only are they packed with potassium, they are also loaded with protein which is essential knowledge if you are thinking about switching to a plant based diet.

Which is the best fruit for improved skin quality? You are not going to believe this, but the humble black plum is the best fruit to improve skin quality. Black plums are just great as they are super rich in phenols which is one of the few antioxidants which can stop cell degeneration. This is exactly what you need to maintain vegan glowing skin.

Which is the best vegetable for improved skin quality? Beetroot is a vegetable, but the entire plant can help to improve skin quality. An antioxidant called betalain gives this vegetable its superpower. Betalain is both antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal. On top of that, betalain is also believed to protect against skin cancer and can be found in some natural sun care products. A supplement based on beetroots is available, but has beetroots have so many “healthy qualities”, it could be better to eat them instead.

Oats and Better Skin Quality

The first time we come across oatmeal being used as a skincare treatment is over 2000 years ago. It seems to have been a popular skin care treatment, and you should not be surprised if Egyptian pharaohs enjoyed a facial treatment with oatmeal. Ancient Egyptians seemed to have loved it so much that they even put pen to papyrus and listed almost 100 hundred uses for oatmeal.

The most popular one seems to have been mixing together sacred water, honey and oatmeal, and applying to your face. The treatment works even if you don’t have sacred water, and if you leave the blend on your face for 20 minutes, you will end up with soft skin. The Ancient Egyptian loved their spa days, and oatmeal was used for a range of purposes around the spa. It was used as a gentle exfoliation treatment for the entire body and added to footbaths to soften the feet.

Today, we know oatmeal contains saponins and ceramides can be found in oats. Both help to soften and reduce inflammation of the skin, and this leads to the reduced appearance of wrinkles. In Ancient Egypt, oatmeal was also eaten to help to cure eczema and dermatitis. Modern research has proven it is one of the best foods to add to your diet should you suffer from either one of the conditions.

Vegan Diet Skin Aging Tips and Questions

Does being vegetarian make you look younger? A plant based diet will help to make you look younger. Not all diets help you to stay well hydrated, but a vegan plant based diet does so naturally. Staying well hydrated is crucial as you age. Not only is it good for the skin, but it is good for your internal organs at the same time, Remember they age as well as your skin, but overall improved hydration will help to slow down the aging process.

What is vegan grey skin all about? Some vegans do look like they have “grey” skin. Unfortunately, this is a side effect of not eating the right foods, and not taking vegan supplements . Add more healthy foods to your diet and take recommended supplements, and your skin quality will improve.

Okay, so what is all the talk of vegan yellow skin tone? Most of the time, the so called ” vegan yellow skin tone” comes from an increased beta-carotene level in the body. Increased beta-carotene in your diet will help to make your skin tone darker. Beta-carotene is one of those anti-oxidants which will help to protect your skin from damage from the sun and pollution.


It does not matter if you want to improve skin quality or know how to get rid of cellulite with a plant based diet, a plant based diet is better for you when compared to a meat-based diet. A plant based diet and skin go hand in hand, just like a vegan diet for belly fat loss. Does a vegan diet improve your skin? Yes, and it does not matter if you have a problem with cellulite or acne-prone skin. A plant based diet, and plant based natural skin care products can change the life of your skin.

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