Raising Plant Based Kids

October 29, 2019
Vegan Kids

Raising plant based kids is so much more than creating kid friendly plant based recipes. The truth is that a lot of children don’t know where food comes from these days. However, once you get kids involved in a plant based lifestyle, they love it and become involved in a lifestyle. Are plant based kids healthier than other kids? In fact, most of them are a lot healthier.

Plant Based Kids – Why Are They Healthier?

Why are kids who are fed a mainly vegan diet healthier? Vegan kids are often healthier simply because they eat foods which are more natural for them. Now don’t run off and make an enemy out of milk or cheese right away. If your child does not eat a diet high in foods derived from plants, it is going to take some time to switch over.

A Couple of Facts About the Health Benefits of a Raising Plant Based Kids

Children enjoying kid friendly plant based recipes  suffer from fewer allergies than their counterparts. Why do children eating more fruits and vegetables suffer fewer allergies? Foods derived from plants are not packed with artificial compounds. For instance, meat based foods may contain antibiotics which have been to animals and survive in the food chain. Part of the reason why we are resistant to antibiotics comes down to the fact we are prescribed antibiotics. But this is not the entire answer.

We also absorb a lot of antibiotics from the food we eat. Plants, on the other hand, do not need to be fed antibiotics in order to stay healthy. Antibiotics in meat cause allergies and asthma as they destroy the immune system. If this happens you need to resort to probiotics.

Plant based kids seem to have healthier immune systems. Part of the answer is simply because they have a high level of probiotics, but there is any reason as well. A vegan diet is packed with vitamins and minerals simply because the food included is a lot refresher.

Top Tips for Getting Your Kids Involved Your Plant Based Lifestyle

If you would like to transition your family to a plant based lifestyle, it is vital to get your kids involved. Most moms really worry about going for a vegan diet because they don’t think their children are not going to enjoy it. Nothing could be further from the truth but you do need to be a little bit clever about it.

Top Tip One – Kids Love Garden to Fork

Kids love to know where foods come from and how it is produced. It is something fascinating allowing kids help with food production, you can see the joy on their faces once you ask them to help you in the garden.

One top tip is to let your kids grow their own fruit and vegetables in the garden. It does not matter if it is a small space. Children will simply love the idea of planting something and then eating it. Of course, you don’t want to start with anything complicated. At the same time, make the space as creative as you can.

Kids love colors, and the wonderful world of fruits and vegetables offer you some excellent choices. Go for fruits and vegetables that you are more likely to include your every diet. It is much more fun that way, and you can ask your kids to harvest from your garden every day.

10 Easy Fruits and Vegetables for Kids to Grow










Potatoes and Beetroots in Pots

Top Tip Two – Plant Based Family Recipes

Getting your kids involved in the kitchen is the next top tip. Kids would love to help you to create plant based family recipes. Not everything you cook in your kitchen has to be about kid-friendly plant based recipes. It does not matter what you do – adults and children will always enjoy different foods.

Kids will love to help you, but you must let them come up with their own ideas, and make the foods as fun as possible. Making sweet corn fritters and baking their own bread may the perfect way to get your kids involved in the kitchen. Get them to experiment with flavors and ingredients, and before you know you know it, you will have your own little plant based super chef on your hands.

Top Tip Three – Get Your Kids Out Foraging

Foraging for food can easily add to a plant based family plan. Lots of kids don’t realize that nature offers up some wonderful foods which they can collect and eat. It is something that you can learn together, and once you get home, your kids will have a chance to experiment with some new exciting ingredients. Let it be a chance to teach your kids what is safe to eat and what is not safe to eat.

Raising Plant Based Kids to Be Healthy

Can you raise healthy kids on a plant based diet? Most moms probably wonder if a plant based diet is safe for their kids. A vegan style diet is a lot safer for a kid than a meat based diet. Moms who let their kids eat a diet rich in fruit and vegetables are more likely to have healthy kids.

At the same time, moms who make sure that their kids get more fruit and vegetables in their diet, are more aware of what they feed their kids. When you stop and think about it, being aware of what your child eats, is the best way to good health. Don’t forget  that kids have different nutritional needs to adults. All kid friendly plant based recipes should include extra calcium and protein. There are several good sources where you can get protein for plant based kids. However, you should avoid foods like soy which may upset kids endocrine systems. Boys who eat too much soy may become overweight and end up with excess estrogen.

Just like other children, plant based kids should have a varied diet. It is still easy to get stuck in a rut when raising plant based kids. You feel like you want to feed them something like a baked potato just because they like it. Let them get involved in their diet, and show them kid friendly plant based recipes are just as versatile as meat based foods. Did you know that in Bologna Italy, the family favorite Spaghetti Bologna has always been a plant based dish?


Kids from “plant based families” seem to have overall better moral values. They seem to have a keen interest in nature and looking after animals. If you have got the space in your home, you should consider making room for like chickens and ducks. Both species will be delighted to help you in and around your garden.

Did you know chickens are great for keeping pests off your plants? Many common vegetable pests make a delicious meal for chickens, and if you don’t want to eat the eggs, you can always sell them. Also, it will teach your kids that your garden is indeed symbiotic. It will need help from time if you would like to stick to growing healthy organic vegetables. Animals such as chicken and ducks are excellent when it comes to removing common pests from your fruits and chickens.

On top of that, you can use their droppings to add your compost. Droppings from animals will add many vital nutrients to your soil. As a result, you will end up with fruits and vegetables with a higher nutritional value. Once again, this is know-how that you can pass on to your kids. Most children these days may where foods come from let alone how to go grow them. It can be said that we are “far away” from our food. Growing your own food is very much a basic life skill.

Most kids will love how to learn to make compost. It is a good education for them, and they will in return become much more caring about the environment. Starting young is a good idea but even older children do appreciate the kind of togetherness a more environmentally friendly lifestyle can bring.

What would you do if there was a natural disaster? Being prepared and having know-how to live an alternative lifestyle may be the difference between life and death one day. Our kids are simply not in touch with nature that much anymore, and it could be a good idea to teach them how to manage a more natural lifestyle.

The Joy of a Plant Based Lifestyle

Raising plant based kids can be really rewarding. You will find that they are much more interested in their local environment and what goes on around them. When they are not in the kitchen creating kid friendly plant based recipes, many plant based kids can be found in the garden. An active lifestyle is yet another reason why so many kids who have been raised in a plant based household are healthier.  Families who have adopted this kind of lifestyle also seem a lot happier together. Perhaps there is indeed more to a plant based life than meets the eye.

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